Remember Me?

I don’t know the last time I wrote a blog post.  I have been so very busy creating my glass art and following my favorite band on tour…U2.  In other words, I have been happy.  The happiness has not been constant.  After all, I have bipolar disorder so happiness comes and goes.  BUT, there has been for more happiness in my life than sadness.

What do I attribute that to?  1.) I did start a new medication.  The down side to that is I have to take another medication to combat the insomnia that comes as a consequence. However, if stability is the outcome, then it’s worth it.  2.)  I’m making more of an effort to work with my glass art that brings me great joy.  This year Zarit Glassworks (shameless plug) is having a great year.  It’s all because I decided not worry about the negativity of other people.  I am creating for myself.  It’s selling (well, most of the time).  I’m able to donate to local charities that need funds and I find that very fulfilling.  3.) I have found a way to tell the world to “piss off” if they aren’t ready for me or my illness.  I have a mental illness…I am NOT my mental illness.  For those that don’t/won’t understand that, I just don’t have the time or energy to waste on them.  This may sound harsh, but it is a sanity saver, an anxiety saver, and a life saver…my life saver.  My life is far too precious and means more that someone’s lack of understanding.

Those three combined have given me a whole new outlook on life.  They’ve given me permission to live my life…the life I want to live.  It’s so freeing.  I do still have down days, but they don’t last nearly as long as they used to.  When they do happen, I head straight into my studio and create something in glass.  It’s a form of therapy for me that even my own therapist had agree was better than talk therapy…for me.

What works for me may not work for everyone.  What are some things that you have done to get through the day?  What have you done to tell the world, “to heck with you, I’m fine the way I am!”?  I’d love to hear about it.

Like I said for me, it’s glass art and listening to music (especially U2 music).

Thank you for reading and remember you are amazing!