Art, Anxiety, Contests, & More

I know; I know.  I have not posted on here in quite some time.  Well, my life has been very stressful and I have chosen to keep that private. So much has happened, I couldn’t even begin to explain. Well, I suppose that’s not completely honest.

Anyway, as the title suggests, this posts will focus on art. As you may remember, I create stained glass art.  Well, I have delved into fused glass as well. I also attempt to sell my artwork and donate the proceeds to charity, but I’m not a very good sales person.  If someone really wants something, I tend to just give it to them.  Hopefully I manage to at least get my cost out of it, but not always. I’m working on that.  For the most part, I just want people to be happy.  This doesn’t mesh with big business.  Haha!  Good thing I’m not a “Big Business”.

I  decided this year that I would enter a glass art contest, but it’s in another state.  They did have an online option.  I’m giving  that a try.  I was hesitant until I read that it would also be juried, not voted on by the “mysterious people of the internet”.  However, they have a “Best of Show” category and that is voted on by internet…UGH!!!  I can’t stand this part!

  1. I never win these type of contests.
  2. I have to post links constantly to direct people to the site so they find me.
  3. Just UGH!!!!

I did post one link on my FB page about it and I’ll post just one more once I enter my final piece, but that’s all!  These type of online voting contests really increase my anxiety levels.  The saving grace of this one is that you can only vote once.  So it does even the playing field.  I really do hope people vote based on quality of work and not popularity…and believe me the artists in this contest are amazing!  No, I’m not tooting my horn.  I’m talking about the other artists.  Wow!  They are phenomenal!

I guess I just worry that now I’m entering contests and trying to make a go of the this business (shameless plug alert!) that the therapeutic aspect of it may diminish. I am still keeping the charity giving so that I can help others because that is extremely important to me.  I know I won’t become rich because that is not important to me. I need to make sure I find a balance.  Glass art is what maintains my anxiety and stress levels and I love it!  It gives me so much joy!

Thank you for reading.  I will try to write more often.  😉