New Blog

I’m not giving up this blog.  I decided at the beginning of the year to take a step from Mental Health advocacy so that I could focus on my family and my recovery.  When I took a close look my advocacy work, I realized that, although I was making great progress, it was costing me precious time with my family.  That, in turn, was taking it’s tole on my mental health.  I realized that I couldn’t be an effective advocate if I didn’t take care of myself.

Part of taking care of myself was to reconnect with my family and friends.  After some sole searching in Ireland, I rediscovered my passion for cooking and my family has been loving that part of me.  We have been reconnecting and that is always good.  Good food and family and friends at the table is a great equalizer.  I’m still very passionate about helping others and I’m not giving that up.  I’m just taking a step back and letting others take a lead role, others who are better qualified than I.

With that said, I have started a new blog title “The Crazy Cook”.  The name came about because Cook is who I am and I am crazy and I embrace that.  I don’t think crazy is a negative word.  The main focus of this blog is cooking, but I do hope to educate others about mental illness as well.  It’s still developing.  I hope you will check it.  I would welcome any feed back.

Here is the link:  The Crazy Cook

Please stop by and join me at the table.