Now For Something Completely Different

You got it!  This post has nothing to do with Bipolar Disorder this time.  I may be a little late to the game as I’m not on social media 24/7 and I don’t have TV.  I just caught wind of this “controversy” over Starbuck’s red coffee cups?!  As Nell Carter would say, “Gimme a break!”  Seriously America?  Is this what we’re offended by now?  Is it any wonder that we are a laughing-stock across the world?  We are no longer the “great nation” that other countries look up too.  Now some would argue that it is due to our President…I don’t think so.  Well, at least not entirely.  I mean look around you.  We are being offended by a cup now.  What were we offended by last week?  Oh I can’t remember, but I can assure you it probably wasn’t all that important.  It seems these days we have become very thinned skinned when it comes to just about anything.

Let’s get back to “Cup-gate 2015”.  Now people are raising a battle cry that when you go into Starbuck’s.  They want you to tell the barista your name is “Merry Christmas”, since it’s company policy not to say that.  Really?  America is not made up of one religion.  I see nothing wrong with a polite company policy of Happy Holidays.  It covers all of the bases.  If you choose to respond with “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Chanuka” or “Joyous Kwanza” in return, that is your right.  Don’t force everyone else to do the same.  They may not celebrate the same as you…or at all.

Being offended by such trivial matters, I feel are first world problems.  There are so many other concerns that need and deserve our energy and attention:  homelessness, Syrian refugees, fixing the education system in America, relief efforts for disaster areas, grandparents raising grandchildren, even just helping your neighbor, friend, someone in the store next to you.  My point is this:  There is a world outside of us and we need to pay attention to it.  I’m not talking just donating money.  Look to your own community and see what you can do.  I say start at home and branch out.  Yes we do need to fix the problems in our own country, BUT we cannot turn a blind eye to the world.  I feel we are obligated to help our fellow human beings despite borders.

When I look at helping (whether it’s donating money or time), I really investigate the organization.  I look at how much of each dollar actually goes to the cause compared to how much goes to administrative costs.  In the decades that I’ve been doing this, I have found that the local charities are more reliable (and transparent) meaning that usually 80% – 90% will go directly to the cause.  With your national organizations, you’re looking at 20%-40% on average.  Yes, there are some exceptions.  However, I do a lot work with overseas charities as well.  It’s just a preference of mine, but same guidelines apply.   Just do your research.  If you’re going to give your hard-earned money, make sure it goes to the organization that will handle it honestly and will do the most good with it.

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