Christmas Is For Giving (Giving Back)

This blogger is a dear friend of mine. I was with through some of this and the strength and generosity that she and her family have is truly inspiring. Please share this posting and let’s make difference in the lives of these families.


I made a promise some time ago. This is the year I am able to make good on it. You see, Ronald McDonald House in Seattle was my home for awhile. Our family spent one Christmas there, as guests. I promised the people there, that one day, our family would give back. That promise was made over 5 years ago.

Christmas, 2008, at Ronaldd McDonald House in Seattle A Christmas at Ronald McDonald House in Seattle

At the time, I thought the charity was a kind gesture, that our family would be in and out of a medical crises in no time. It was not to be the case though we certainly had a shorter stint with hospitalization issues than many families that I met that had been at the Seattle Ronald McDonald House for over 4 years.

To be at Ronald McDonald House (RMH) in Seattle, requires that a family have an ill child at Seattle Children’s…

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