Who’s with Me?!

So many people have been encouraging me not to stop my advocacy efforts, to take a break instead.  Well, I took a break…a little over a week, maybe more.  On Oct.1, I tried reaching out to Congressman Murphy’s office one last time…again, silence.  Rather than getting frustrated and losing hope (like last time), it has reinforced what I have always believed… We, members of the mental health community, need to unite.  One voice can make a difference, BUT if we stand united as one voice, we can and will be heard!

Some people may be content with just complaining about the state of the mental health care system, but I need to DO something.  I think advocacy is in my blood.  I’ve always fought for what was right and fought against the injustice of others.  I’ve done it since adolescence.  Now it’s time to fight for something that effects all of us.  As a group, one united group, we can start a letter writing campaign the likes of which no one has ever seen before.  We can ALL call our representatives in Congress, request meetings (get meetings) and voice our concern, our ideas on how to improve things, show them we will not give up.  The list goes on.  If they here from enough of us, they will have to listen.  This doesn’t just only apply to HR3717.  It applies to all mental health/suicide prevention legislation.

I’ve started the ball rolling, but I need a catalyst for change.  I need your help.  I can type up the letter that needs to be sent.  I can help you get the contacts you need.  I’ve done this for years and, apparently, I’m not stopping now.  We just need to get organized.  I’m willing to put in the time and effort.  Are you?

Just an aside note:  The picture I chose for this post shows a statue of George Washington in the Rotunde of the Capitol Building in DC.  It just seemed inspiring to me.  I hope it inspires you.  🙂

2 thoughts on “Who’s with Me?!

  1. You have my support, especially when it comes to hospitalization. The whole system needs to be changed. I’m in NY & have been hospitalized 7 times. I’ve been physically & sexually assaulted. They are understaffed. There is no “therapy” while you are in this jail. It’s horrible. I want to focus on that part of it. What are your suggestions? I’ve never done this before.


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