So Sick and Tired of NAMI & Rep. Murphy!!!

They are the National Association for the Mentally Ill.  They are suppose to be fighting for us and who do they have as a key note speaker at their National Convention this year?  Rep. Murphy.  The very man who is trying to take away our rights.  He thinks because he’s a doctor in the field that he knows all…well I’ve got news for him…He doesn’t!  I will admit that his bill has some good points, some, but to take away our right to privacy is just WRONG on so many levels.  If this bill passes (and luckily it doesn’t look like it will), so much is going to change and not for the better.

This is the main reason I’ve been trying so hard to get congressional leaders to talk to those of us with a mental illness and news flash: they are all serious mental illnesses!  When they are sitting down with their staff writing these bills, they need to have our input.  We know better than anyone whether it’s going to actually work in the real world of mental health.  We are the ones that use this broken down system, so why not consult us?  You put together their education in the field (if they have it) and our experience in the field and something wonderful can happen.  We might actually be able to get and pass some meaningful legislation that will have a good effect on the mental health community.

We shouldn’t sit idly by while these legislators try to “do what’s best” for us.  We need to take a stand and NOW!  If he has NAMI in his pocket, who’s next?

2 thoughts on “So Sick and Tired of NAMI & Rep. Murphy!!!

  1. Murphy is, in my opinion, just one symptom of a badly broken system. The whole foundation of mainstream psychiatric treatment in the US is coercion. Theoretically, legally, those of us who haven’t been involuntarily committed have the right to refuse any treatment for any reason, but the treaters turn it into a Catch-22: if you don’t want to take your meds, that means you’re crazy and must be coerced into accepting and cooperating with your treatment, but if you go along with their “suggestions,” well, you’re still crazy, but at least you’re compliant. We’re not allowed to have reasonable objections to various drugs and treatments, even though they can do tremendous harm in some cases. If we object, then that’s a symptom of our illness, not a rational, well-reasoned decision. So we learn to shut up and take our pills like good little patients because otherwise we’re treated even more terribly and have more of our autonomy taken away.

    There are exceptions to this, of course, but coercion is still the most popular approach by leaps and bounds. And every time a politician talks about improving mental health care, my heart races and my stomach churns because the treatment they’re talking about isn’t to benefit us–it’s to benefit them. It’s to make it easier to lock us up and drug us against our wills so they don’t actually have to listen to us. They talk about making it easier for the families of people with mental illness, but they don’t talk about making life easier for us, the people who are suffering firsthand.

    I’m currently working on the campaign for a politician who’s made improving mental health care in my state a major facet of her platform. I’ve heard her stump speech a million times. When she talks about mental illness, she talks about how hard it is for the families. She says, “I’m sure all of you know someone who’s dealing with a mental illness,” but she never says, “I’m sure some of you are dealing with a mental illness.” She talks about us, not to us. It’s incredibly frustrating because we, the people most affected by mental health and psychiatric services, have no voice in the conversation. We don’t even get acknowledged.

    Sorry, that turned into a bit of a rant. The gist of it is basically that I agree wholeheartedly with you.


    • I completely get where you coming from. You say whatever you need to say. You have full rein here. You said some things I wish I had. You said it so eloquently. That is exactly my point, we have something to say and we can say it well. Thank you!


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