A Mind Behind Bars

Sometimes with the way Bipolar Disorder goes, I feel as though my mind is trapped behind bars…a caged mind if you will.  It’s stuck in either the euphoria and madness of mania or the deepest depths of despair chained to that cage with no way out.  Like all cages, there is a door…but with Bipolar Disorder who controls whether that door opens or remains locked shut?  Can it ever be fully open to allow the brain to fly free from the burdens of this disorder?

open door

Also, there’s safety in that cage.  In that cage we know what to expect.  We know the meds won’t always work.  We know our moods will be unpredictable.  But we also know that we can achieve greatness.  This greatness may come at a cost sometimes, but it is attainable.  For who knows better than we how potential new laws will effect the mental health care system.  Who knows better than we how important it is that our First Responders receive mandatory CIT training (to de-escalate a mental health crisis).  Who better than we knows how important it is to educate our youth about mental health issues and suicide prevention techniques (educators as well).  We are in a very unique position to effect great change in this country…we just need to be heard.  One by one as we talk to our representatives on local and national levels, we will be heard.  There are millions of us.  They can’t ignore millions of potential voters. 

We can’t allow First Responders to treat us like common criminals when we are in a crisis.  With proper training, this won’t happen.  We have the right to be treated with dignity both in and out of the hospital (ER).  Training will go a long way to help this.  If we tell our stories to these people and help them understand, things will start to change.  Right now they know no different, let’s show them a better way.  So write to your representatives and ask for mandatory CIT training of the police.  We have to start somewhere and that’s a good place to start.

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