Better Days…

So many people debate what is a serious mental illness and what is not.  I say, “What’s the difference?”  Every single one of us who has a mental illness has that potential to become a danger to ourselves and/or others.  So why then only try to legislate for the “seriously mentally ill”?  It just doesn’t make sense.  What we need is reform across the board.  What we need is more places willing to accept pdocs for residency.  There aren’t that many places across the nation that offer this and this is why we are in such a major mental health crisis.  

Let’s just say that this horrible (my opinion, I know) Mental Health Families Act (HR 3717) passes through Congress and is signed into law.  (Oh heaven forbid!)  Then what?  We still don’t have the pdocs that can handle the case load we have now let alone the one that will be forced upon them through AOTs.   Legislators are going about it all the wrong way.  This is why I keep fighting to bring those of us with a mental illness to the table with legislators.  We are the ones that know what will and won’t work.  I don’t give a rats batooty that Rep. Murphy worked in the field.  Unless he’s been forced to use it himself as a client, he has no clue.  Sure he has the book education, but that only takes him so far.  It’s the real life experience with this broken down system that counts…combine those two forces and the legislative genius that could be achieved is immeasurable.  

So, listen up Congress!  Take notice of us!  We’re not going anywhere and what we have to say is IMPORTANT!  For those of you reading this, I hope you will join me as I continue my talks with Congress.  We have to stand united.

Okay, soap box moment over.  Just don’t ever give up!

3 thoughts on “Better Days…

  1. There are a lot of grey areas in mental health. And if there are limited resources for those with ‘mild’ mental health issues, then bam! A few years later, left untreated or unaware even that there is help, these same folks fit the ‘serious mental health’ category. Joke.


  2. I’m not from the USA or Canada so I dont know that legislation. But your right. People who are suffering with mh issues should be listened to more. It is us who can tell them in government what works and what doesnt. Keep going, dont give up!


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