The Bipolar Identity Diet

This is truly inspiring! I just really have no words to capture how I feel. Amazing!

Birth of a New Brain


This morning I had reservations about publishing this post.  It doesn’t contain f-bombs or slurs or anything like that!  I only hope that when you read it, you won’t take my opinions the wrong way, because they’re only that…opinions.  You may be in a very different place in how you view bipolar disorder’s role in your life.  It might be difficult to connect with or even understand my thoughts.  I’ll share this post in the spirit of the phrase “Nothing ventured, nothing gained” and take it from there!

Over the weekend I ruminated a lot about the person I was before I was diagnosed with postpartum bipolar disorder.    

My reminiscences were catalyzed by hanging out last Friday with my friend “Dan”.  I brought along my six-year-old daughter Marilla and Lucy the puppy.  In the late 1990’s I rented a studio from Dan in the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains during my college…

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One thought on “The Bipolar Identity Diet

  1. I am so, so honored that you chose to reblog this, Susan. You truly made my day with your comment as well. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I guess “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for” but I’m gonna “Walk On”!

    The words of the mighty U2 sum up my message:

    “And I know it aches
    And your heart it breaks
    You can only take so much
    Walk on

    Leave it behind
    You’ve got to leave it behind”

    (Well, not 100% leave it behind, Susan, but you know what I mean! Leave behind my old bipolar persona in order to create a different, healthier one!)


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