How Many Tattoos Do You Have?


As of today, I have five.  Do I regret any of them?  No!  I’m fairly certain that I was in a manic state for most, if not all of them.  Somehow, I was able to find good tattoo artists and create tattoos that had meaning for me.  My latest one (in the picture), probably has the most meaning for me.  Well, besides the one I have with the names of my children.  That one is very special to me.  The one I posted here represents my journey/battles (I hate to use the word struggle.) with Bipolar Disorder.  The Phoenix represents the disorder pulling me in one direction.  The anchor wrapped around a cracking heart represents my family being a grounding force for me.  The cracking heart is me.  Being pulled in so many directions on a constant basis has me cracking at the seams, but NOT breaking.  This is also my first visible tattoo.  So, it is a conversation starter and that was intentional.  Whenever people see a tattoo, they want to know the meaning behind it.  I’m more than happy to tell them.  Hey, once you’ve shared your story with a couple thousand people, one or two is no big deal.  So far, the responses have been fairly positive.  Like, “I have that too”, “I have depression”, “I lost someone to suicide”.  I know an unfavorable will occur at some point.  I need to prepare myself for that.  Maybe I’ll just chalk it up to ignorance and use it as learning experience for that person.  Who knows?

I do have a funny story about my first tattoo.  It sort of sounds like a joke… It’s starts off with seven drunk housewives walk into a tattoo parlor…  I kid you not!  Some friends I’ve had for many, many years and I were having some drinks before we went in to see a movie.  Well, we got to talking and the subject of getting a tatto came up.  I pretty sure I brought it up.  So, we went.  Don’t worry, the sober housewife drove.  Up to that point, it was one of the craziest, most impulsive things I had ever done.  (Unfortunately, other shenanigans have followed throughout the years.)  It was also the most amazingly fun time we had together.  It was a great bonding experience that we still talk about to this day over a decade later.

So, my questions to you are:  If you have any tattoos, did you get them in a manic state?  Do you regret any of them?  Would you be willing to share your experience, picture of the tattoo, etc?  I would love to hear from you.

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