Set Backs

How do you handle the set backs that inevitably come our way?  Sometimes I see them coming and can prepare, but most times I’m blindsided by them.  Today was one of those days.  I have volunteered for a certain organization for many, many years.  It was a huge part of my life.  I found comfort, satisfaction, and joy working within it.  I also made friends that I know I will have for the rest of my life.  As with any national organization, it has it’s faults, but you don’t want to see or hear about them.  The longer I volunteered and the more involved in the organization I became, the more disillusioned I became.  Yet I continued to volunteer because I believed in the cause.  Today I was given some very bad news from a local board member (this person is NOT the bad guy, just the messenger.)  My issue is that the news didn’t come from National itself, after all they do know me quite well.  Now I am being purposely vague on who the organization is at this time because they have not had a chance to reply to my email yet.  Once they have, well then it may all be different story (and I have that blog already written and ready to go).  I’m trying to take the higher ground.

My point in telling you this rather vague tale is that because I have been so invested into this organization, this little event has caused a set back for me.  It has sent me into a depression and set off my anxiety.  What I’m doing now is fighting with myself…fighting against the anxiety and depression.  I don’t want to give this suicide prevention group (yes you heard that right) that much power over me.  So, I do battle.  I know it’s not worth it to let this event cause a set back.  My question is this:  For those of us that live with Bipolar Disorder, do we really have control over these set backs?  Are they just bound to happened or can we do something fight them off?  I would love to hear what you think about this.

2 thoughts on “Set Backs

  1. Debbie Turrentine says:

    Everyone has setbacks. And like you said some you can prepare for and some blindside us all. Even when you prepare you don’t fully know what’s coming. So when you don’t see it coming you really don’t know the full effect will be. For me I try to see the brighter side, you know the whole when God closes one door he opens another. Sometimes that’s really really hard to remember and I certainly have my days too. But I’ve started trying really hard to see the sun through those really dark dark clouds. Hang in there my friend, I love you and am here to talk any time of the day or night!!!!!


    • Thank you, my friend. I am starting to see the light. Being able to write it out, wether or not the “powers that be” in the organization every see it is okay. I’m releasing it to the universe. (That just may be the title of my next blog.) 🙂


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