Sometimes I feel like I just need to escape.  These days that escape is a girls’ weekend, a date night with my hubby, a few glasses of wine and a movie…  It use to mean totally checking out with the possibility of it being permanently , but, so far, that doesn’t seem to be the case.  That’s a good thing.  Earlier tonight, I went out with my hubby to a bar, but the first bar we went to was too loud and too crowded.  This was just too much for my bipolar tendencies to handle, so went to another.  We found one that was just right, not too crowed or too loud.  The barman was hysterical and laughing was exactly what I needed. I know I’m not suppose to mix my meds with alcohol, but once in awhile I just need to let loose.  It felt good.  I didn’t go overboard.  A little escape now and then is okay.  There is nothing wrong with it.  In fact, I think all doctors should prescribe it (although I doubt they’d be all for the drinking).  Just the mere act of getting away with friends or even by yourself is so good for you.  It can help you clear your mind and appreciate all that you have in your life.  So that is my bit of advice to you (not advocating drinking), that you take some time for yourself.  Self-care is so important.  So take the time to go out to lunch or dinner, have a massage or acupuncture, whatever it is that will make you feel relaxed and have a sense of peace.  An escape now an then is alright.

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